This page is a list of all aired episodes of Love Thy Neighbor, including the airdates and episode descriptions.


Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale Region 1
1 26 May 29, 2013 August 21, 2013 N/A

Season 1 (2013)Edit

# Image Title Airdate
01 Eplist 1 What's Love Got to Do With It? May 29, 2013
Hattie is frustrated that Danny is staying in her house and isn't looking for a job. Meanwhile, Floyd stumbles upon Linda's husband, Lionel, cheating with another woman.
02 Eplist 2 Love Thy Independence May 29, 2013
Linda is depressed and sleeping on Hattie's sofa. Broke and feeling like she has no marketable skills, Linda considers working things out with Lionel. At the same time, Danny finds his own independence when he leaves the nest and agrees to move into the extra room at Sam's apartment.
03 Eplist 3 Love Thy Privacy June 05, 2013
Sam has had enough of Linda's visits to the "bachelor pad", after Sam discovers that Danny has given Linda a key to the apartment. He confronts Danny to get the key back.
04 Eplist 4 Love Ain't Opening This Door June 05, 2013
Linda grieves the loss of her marriage with Lionel. Meanwhile, Danny accuses Sam of partying too much, and Sam asks Danny to do something about his clingy mother always being at their apartment.
05 Eplist 5 Where's My Mamma June 12, 2013
Linda shows up at Floyd's tiny studio apartment looking for a place to stay since Hattie kicked her out. Floyd petitions Hattie to help her needy daughter; however, Linda is given a dose of Hattie's "tough love."
06 Eplist 6 Love Thy Journey June 12, 2013
Hattie lets Linda, who has returned from a budy day full of job interviews, run the diner while Hattie runs to the bank. Unfortunately, though, the health inspector pays a surprise visit to the diner, and he shuts down the restaurant.
07 Eplist 7 Love Thy Vindication June 19, 2013
When Vivian confronts Hattie about her defacing her billboard, the entire restaurant overhears Hattie warn Vivian to be careful that her restaurant doesn't burn down. Vivian's Diner, suspiciously burns to the ground on that same night.
08 Eplist 8 Love Thy Partnership June 19, 2013
With the Love Train being financially strapped and Vivian's diner having burned down, Hattie accepts an offer from Vivian to form a partnership that will increase their revenue. Elsewhere, Danny, Sam and Drew vie for a promotion at work.
09 Eplist 9 Don't Mess with That White Lightning June 26, 2013
Hattie fears that Danny might move back in due to Sam's constant partying so she takes matters into her own hands and shows up at one of Sam's parties with a drink called "White Lightning." Sam wakes up the next morning handcuffed to Hattie.
10 Eplist 10 Love Thy Celibacy June 26, 2013
Hattie misinterprets a conversation that she has with Linda about celibacy, which in turn leads Hattie to mislead Danny into thinking that Linda has turned to a life of prostitution.
11 Eplist 11 The Black Tie Affair July 03, 2013
As Linda and Marty prepare to attend the Mayor's Ball, Danny feels the need to protect his mother, so he solicits Floyd's and Sam's help to scare off Linda's new man.
12 Eplist 12 Love Thy Compromise July 03, 2013
Danny withholds his half of the rent until Sam agrees to rein in his wild lifestyle. Danny then gives Sam an ultimatum about his partying, which causes Sam to verbally evict Danny from their apartment.
13 Eplist 13 Love That Bracelet July 10, 2013
Sam has eased up a bit on the partying but continues to sleep around. When he wakes up one morning to find his latest hookup dead, he solicits Danny and Drew for help.
14 Eplist 14 Love Thy Boss July 10, 2013
Sam has a verbal altercation with a beautiful woman at the Love Train Diner after she turns down his advances. Then, Danny and Sam arrive late for work and find that the woman from the diner is their new boss, Marianna.
15 Eplist 15 Love Thy Doctor July 17, 2013
After returning from her doctor's appointment, Hattie overhears Vivian telling everyone about her horse, Old Girl, having to be put down because she has cancer—and Hattie thinks they're talking about her! Believing that she's dying, Hattie adopts a kinder attitude.
16 Eplist 16 Love Thy Baby July 17, 2013
After Marianna hosts a luncheon at the Love Train Diner with young mothers, Hattie discovers a baby in the bathroom. Floyd, Hattie and Linda frantically try to find the baby's mother.
17 Eplist17 Love Thy Patient July 24, 2013
Hattie slips and falls while working late at the diner. Linda insists that Hattie go to the hospital, but Hattie refuses. Later, while Hattie is being cared for by family and friends, she begins to drive them crazy by constantly asking them to wait on her hand and foot.
18 Eplist18 Love That Surprise July 24, 2013
Linda has the bright idea to celebrate Hattie's 75th birthday by throwing her a surprise party. Floyd tries to warn Linda against this idea because he feels it would be too dangerous, but she goes forward with the party despite Floyd's objection.
19 Eplist19 My First Love July 31, 2013
Linda runs into her high school sweetheart, Carl, who is now very wealthy, and she wonders what her life would have been like had they remained together.
20 Eplist20 Love Thy Wager July 31, 2013
Danny places a wager with Sam: He agrees to cover Sam's portion of the rent if Sam is able to stay in the apartment for the entire weekend.
21 Eplist21 Love Thy Mortality August 7, 2013
After attending a funeral with Danny and his family, Sam decides to re-evaluate his life choices and alter his reckless behavior.
22 Eplist22b Love Thy Self August 7, 2013
Drew is asked out by an attractive stranger at the Love Train Diner, but she admits that she feels insecure when Marianna is around because of her remarkable beauty.
23 Love Thy Youth August 14, 2013
Danny decides to spend time with people his own age since he spends too much time with his mother.
24 Eplist24 Love Thy Children August 14, 2013
Danny and Sam become mentors for two troubled kids; When Floyd is robbed at the diner, the children become the prime suspects.
25 Love Thy Courage August 21, 2013
After being accused of infidelity, Danny fears for his safety.
26 Love Thy Family August 21, 2013
The family gathers at Hattie's during a storm.