Linda Mae Love-Harris
General Information
Gender Female
Age 40
Marital status Married
Address Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation(s) Employee at the Love Train Diner
Family & Friends
Family Hattie Mae (Mother)
Danny (Son)
Floyd (Uncle)
Relationships Marty (Boyfriend)
Lionel (Ex-Husband) Phillip(Husband)
Employer Hattie
Series Information
First appearance "What's Love Got to Do With It?"
Episode Appearances 118
Portrayer Kendra C. Johnson

Linda Mae Love-Harris is a major character in Tyler Perry's Love Thy Neighbor. She is portrayed by actress Kendra C. Johnson. Linda the happy-go-lucky daughter of Hattie Mae. She is often very optimistic and cheery, despite her struggles.


Linda is a 40-year old woman and is the mother of Danny. She is shown to be a nice loving and caring person but sometimes can go overboard when really mad and this is due to her pregnancy and Danny's wife Troy. Linda is currently pregnant with a girl to Phillip her husband whom she married at the hospital when she thought she was in labor but she just pissed herself.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She gets mad sometimes when people make her mad especially her son's wife Troy.

Personality TraitsEdit

She works at the Love Train Diner and is very cheerful and happy at all times,


She is currently married to her husband Phillip whom she married in the hospital when she thought she was in labor but actually pissed her pants.


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