The Black Tie Affair
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date July 3, 2013
Writer Tyler Perry
Director Tyler Perry
Producer Mark E. Swinton
Will Areu
Viewers 0.83 million
Episode Chronology
Love Thy Celibacy
Love Thy Compromise

The Black Tie Affair is the eleventh episode of the first season of Love Thy Neighbor.


After Marty invites Linda to the Mayor's Ball, Danny worries they may be getting too close, so he teams up with Sam and Floyd to try to get Marty out of the picture.


Linda and Marty have returned from a date, and as Marty drops her off at Hattie's house, he invites her to attend the Mayor's Ball, an upcoming black-tie affair. Linda, excited because it's been years since she attended a black-tie event, excitedly accepts the invitation. As Marty goes in to kiss her good night, Hattie gets right in the middle of the action and kicks him out.

Later, at the diner, Danny and Floyd both express their concern about Linda dating Marty. Floyd is concerned about Marty, a health department inspector, being around the diner all the time, and Danny feels the need to protect his mother from dating and having her heart broken again.

On the night of the Mayor's Ball, Danny solicits Floyd and Sam's help to check out Linda's new man. In an attempt to interrogate Marty, they wind up telling him made-up stories about Linda and her nonexistent past of dating men in prison, seemingly scaring him off. When Linda comes downstairs looking for Marty and hears what has just happened, she is devastated.

Danny and Linda have a heart-to-heart. He explains that he's protective of her because he doesn't want her to fall in love too quickly again. However, Linda lovingly reassures him that her past bad relationships have actually made her stronger.

Ultimately, Marty, not to be outsmarted, refuses to fall for Danny and Floyd's embellished stories and returns for Linda, whisking her off to the Mayor's Ball.

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  • Karon J. Riley as Marty



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